IoT Security Technical Papers

1.An Overview of Vulnerabilities of Voice Controlled System;Yuan Gong and Christian Poellabauer
2.hijacking Vulnerabilities in IoT Firmware: A Brief Survey Abhinav Mohanty, Islam Obaidat, Fadi Yilmaz and Meera Sridhar.
3.Cognitive Enhancement as an Attack Surface Daniel Sanchez and Bogdan Copos.
4.SDN network Honeypot: Preemptively Disrupt and Mislead Attacks in IoT Network;Hui Lin.
5.Hey, You, Keep away from My Device: Remotely Implanting a Virus Expeller to Defeat Mirai on IoT Devices.;Chen Cao, Le Guan, Peng Liu, Neng Gao, Jingqiang Lin and Ji Xiang.
6.Butterfly Effect: Causality from Chaos in the IoT Ioannis Agadakos, Gabriela Ciocarlie, Bogdan Copos, Tancrede Lepoint, Ulf Lindqvist and Michael Locasto.
7.Toward an Extensible Framework for Redaction Soteris Demetriou,Nathaniel D. Kaufman, Jonah Baim, Adam J. Goldsher and Carl A.Gunter.
8.Implicit Authentication in Wearables Using Multiple Biometrics Sudip Vhaduri and Christian Poellabauer.
9.A Multinational Legal Examination of Individual Security Risks Related to the Internet of Things Andrew Weyl and George Williamson.
10.A Comparison of Data Streaming Frameworks for Anomaly Detection in Embedded Systems;Giovani Gracioli, Murray Dunne and Sebastian Fischmeister.
11.A secure IoT architecture for streaming data analysis and anomaly detection Safa Boudabous, Stephan Clémençon, Ons Jelassi and Mariona Caros Roca.
12.Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection of IoT Device Sensor Data using Provenance Graphs Ebelechukwu Nwafor, Andre Campbell and Gedare Bloom.
13.SIOTOME: An Edge-ISP Collaborative Architecture for IoT Security Hamed Haddadi, Vassilis Christophides, Renata Cruz Teixeira, Kenjiro Cho, Shigeya Suzuki and Adrian Perrig.

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